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Commercial Roofing Systems

An ABI System can be used on new construction or in most retrofit situations as the system will adhere to most existing roof substrates when installed as per product specifications and any proper preparation work is completed.

We provide spray coating solutions for both Sloped and Low Sloped (flat) roof surfaces and a variety of coating products that may be used in either application but the proper choice of coating product is imperative.

In a retro-fit situation the use of an ABI roofing solution means there should be no interruption to the interior daily operations of that building.

Below, we've comprised some of the main benefits for implementing an ABI roofing system.

  1. The systems provide the building with a monolithic, impermeable commercial roof system
    This is provided because the foam is manufactured on site using a cellular material which when formed gives a continuous insulation barrier which is greater than 97% closed cell and does not absorb water. You combine this with the proper protective Roofing Elastomeric Coating for both UV protection as well as a low or impermeable coating for additional leak protection against ponding water (if on a low slope building) and you have a monolithic impermeable roof surface.
  2. The system thermally relaxes your Commercial roof
    By installing your roof insulation on the exterior of your building you thermally relax the building. This eliminates the thermal expansion of fasteners, roofing joints and even your expansion joints through time giving less chance of water penetration or snow and ice freezing and thawing in any of these areas eventually leading to a leak. A properly installed roofing system also does not allow moisture on to your roof decking preventing both rotting or rusting of decking materials.
  3. It can reduce the weight on the building
    The roof systems do not require any ballast as additional protection as some BUR or torch on systems may need. This in turn reduces the weight on your building.
  4. The insulating value is superior
    Foam is an excellent and efficient insulator. Your roofing foam will provide you with in excess of R6 per inch of material so a 3 ½ inch roof system will provide greater than a R20 insulating value. This is not even considering the reflective value of the coating that may be chosen.
  5. The system incorporates other commercial roofing components
    An ABI roof system will incorporate the other elements on your roof into its system. All penetrations and any closed roof top units can be included in the system by using cant strips around these penetrations/units or even skylights to create positive flow away from these objects. The roof drain is also incorporated into the system so as not to have the drain inadvertently rise above the roof surface as can happen with conventional roof system. Expansion joints are still necessary but again these are incorporated into the ABI roof system. Any fasteners used with clamps to hold down piping are also sealed by the foam product.
  6. The commercial roof system is easily repaired or rejuvenated
    An ABI roof system may be easily repaired if needed with something as simple as a caulking gun and polyurethane caulking for minor repairs or perhaps a pot mix coating patch system or may even be completely rejuvenated at any time by completing simple surface preparation and then recoating the entire roof area with just coating product. If necessary roofing components such as Roof top units or penetrations may also be added or eliminated with very little difficulty to the ABI roof system.
  7. No interior roof insulation is needed
    Using an ABI roof system means you may not require any interior building insulation on the ceiling which in turn means you may also not needed the fireproofing for the interior ceiling insulation reducing costs.
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