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ABI provides secondary containment liners and spray poly-urea coatings, used extensively by the oil and gas industry to contain problematic primary sources such as, Compressor Stations, Power Generators, Tank Farms and Pipe Runs.

The TECH LINER SYSTEM is the BEST solution for containment areas that have protrusions in the surface. Other products will leak and fabric may fatigue and cause separation.

ABI utilizes many different products for primary containment and secondary contianment solutions. Specifically designed to meet the harsh conditions and reliability requirement of each project. Since the inception of Alberta’s Better Environmental Services and Technology Inc. in 1996, we have worked with industry leaders to provide a wide range of primary and secondary containment products. 

Our products do not require the injection of CO2. ABI uses new-generation products which are much more eco-friendly, utilizing organic phosphates and soy oil in some of our products.

Our liners are monolithic and exhibit superior flexibility (550%) making them ideal for extreme cold weather projects or in applications that require thermal shock resistance.

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